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About Us

Who We Are.


        Mission Statement



Real Estate Capital Management works with a select group of clients and partners in all areas of commercial real estate investment management. Regardless of the timing, RECM looks to add value through its hands on approach to long-term strategies. In our industry, goals are set and achievements are gained overtime – meaningful results take time to nurture. As such, most times we forego temporary or quick fixes in favor of strategies that stand the test of time and are based on the fundamental aspects of our business.


We are not the typical real estate investor or manager. We bring a developer and property manager mentality to the investment management process. This means we tend to tackle processes and problems most investment managers leave to their on-site or property level staff. Overtime, creating daily solutions results in meaningful gains over a longer term business plan. Most fund and investment managers are spreadsheet oriented – for us, its second nature to negotiate our own tenant renewals and avoid costly commissions, investigate and implement creative capital improvement projects, or deal directly with tenant issues to ensure satisfaction. We also aggressively manage our assets’ capital structures employing creative and flexible models that line up with the timing of our business plans.


There is no box for us to fit in – every day is different and challenging. Our structure allows us to be proactive instead of reactive. We are quick and nimble and pride ourselves on achieving results. We love what we do and we do it with passion and heart.


We look forward to working with you.



        Our Business



Our business provides the following core services…


Investment Fund Management


We provide full fund management services to real estate investment funds and other types of investors. This is done either as a member of the general partner or on a third party basis. Services include the initial capital raise, fund structuring, investment sourcing, underwriting, market analysis, financing, asset management, reporting, and business planning. We provide on-going services for two specific investment funds with assets exceeding $300 million and committed capital in excess of $200 million.


Asset Management


For individual property investments, we provide full asset management – from acquisition to disposition on behalf of limited partner investors. In many cases, we act as the general partner and fiduciary for our investment partners.


Fiduciary & Receivership Services


On behalf of lenders and third party investors, we will assume the role of owner under a foreclosure or general partner removal. In either case, we provide asset management services to prepare and position the property for sale, refinancing or its hand off to the limited partners.


Real Estate Technology Services


Through our proprietary iBuilding platform, we are able to transform traditional properties into tenant centric, 21st century properties with connected systems, wireless networks, digital signage, and web based communication tools. The iBuilding platform has been a major strategy for us as we develop business plans for our investments.


Capital Structuring


We have provided mortgage banking like services and raised capital for our clients and partners while not actively involved with the investment.


Development Investment Services


For our investment and Fund partners, we provide development and planning services in partnership with top tier developers in support of build to suit, net leased, or single tenant projects. We also work with municipalities and quasi-public entities involved with commercial real estate to create economic development opportunities.


Individual Property Investments


Real Estate Capital Management, on behalf of its investors and partners acquires commercial real estate assets based on its proven strategy of adding value through its hands on and detail oriented focus. Real Estate Capital Management is currently seeking investment opportunities in the office, hospitality, multi-family, and industrial property sectors in the mid-Atlantic region. All risk profiles are considered.


Contact us and we’ll tell you more.


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